Jackson Adept Beverly Hills - Focus Room 1

Beverly Hills is known for its style and so is this room. Sleek and sophisticated, yet warm and inviting, this over-sized suite personifies West Coast living.

Special Features

  • Triple-tier seating for up to 15
  • Living room style set-up
  • Private access to both viewing and adjacent lounge

Ever feel like you just need a break? We’ve provided spaces throughout the facility to allow just that. Relax, take a call, check your email…whatever. Just breathe.

This Focus Room has:

  • ISDN lines for videoconferencing
  • High speed Internet access
  • DVD players and over-sized flat screen monitors

Amenities in private adjoining client lounge include:

  • Closed circuit viewing of focus room on flat panel
  • High speed Internet connectivity
  • Conference call capabilities
  • Hospitality center