Welcome Participants!

What is Marketing Research?

Marketing research is a method of gathering information and opinions from consumers, business, and medical professionals (like yourself) and then providing that input to manufacturers and service providers - allowing them to develop or improve existing products to better suit your needs.

All activities are strictly for research purposes and sales are never involved with legitimate research companies like Jackson Associates.

We have been providing companies like Coca Cola, IBM, Home Depot and other firms with this service since 1957 and our participants are carefully selected from among over 100,000 who have signed up to be contacted by us when enough of their housed information matches our clients' criteria.

There are several professional associations related to marketing research and we are active members of the following:

Marketing Research Association: governs, educates, and oversees the entire profession.

Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (established to protect the value that marketing research represents to the public and the industry.

We contact most of our participants by telephone and ask them a series of questions to ensure they meet the general criteria for a specific project. Occasionally, we may use email to contact our participants, but only with their prior permission to do so.

Marketing research firms, such as Jackson Associates, provide the link between consumers and business people to large corporations responsible for products used each and every day. We allow the "little guy" to make his opinion known and potentially, change his very world by doing so.

We invite you to become a member of our database as either consumers, business, or medical professional and welcome your inclusion into the world of marketing and opinion research. Please call or write to us and we will send you the forms you need to fill out and return to us so that you may participate.