Jackson Associates offers a full range of technology to assist researchers in their efficient implementation of their project methodology. Standard and digital audio recording are available, as well as VHS and DVD recording of focus groups or interviews.

We have a full time, on-site Audio-Visual Technician who oversees this area of our service and our facility boasts:

  • Videostreaming services
  • Instant Update (in viewing rooms)
  • "Stay Connected" communication system
  • Videoconferencing

We maintain in-house equipment not standard in many facilities, such as LCD projectors, data monitors and Beta recording equipment.

Our list of equipment available on-site includes:

  • MobileQuest™ remote AV recording services
  • Digital audio and video recording
  • Sony 3-chip DVCAM camera
  • Sony BETA SP record deck
  • Sony DVCAM/miniDV record deck
  • SMPTE time code generation
  • LCD projectors
  • Document camera
  • Overhead projectors and screens
  • Focus room A/V cart setups - ½" VHS, ¾" tape and DVD players connected to 27" television
  • Tabletop lectern with microphone and speaker rated for up to 150 people
  • PolyCom Viewstation 512 videoconferencing equipment
  • ISDN, DSL and T1lines
  • Low-profile ceiling microphones
  • Audio recording on three-head professional tape recorders
  • Remote video cameras mounted on rear wall of viewing rooms, operated from A/V room
  • Sony VO-7600 ¾" recorder

Equipment needed that is not available onsite can be obtained though our partnership with a local audio-visual firm that has served Atlanta's research community for more than 16 years.