About Us: Testimonials (cont.)

Your facility is, of course, excellent, and the recruiters have done a good job. Of special note has been Robert, who has been assisting us this week at the Midtown site. He has simply been excellent in all ways in supporting us. We do this quite often and I'd say he is among the top level in that type of support. He meets your line of "a cut above the rest."

David McCammon
President, PEGUS Research

Life on the road is hard enough. I have to say, of all the facilities we use, I think you realize that the most. You should offer training courses on how to run facilities and customer service.

Beth Carey

People here are FABULOUS! This is absolutely my preferred facility in Atlanta. It's high-tech, clean, comfortable, with plenty of space, food and drink.

Jennifer Tallarigo
MarketVision Research

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I am so very happy to be working with Kelly! She is such a great project director and I really, truly enjoy working with her on our projects. I love that I never have to worry – I always know everything is taken care of when she's in charge of my project.

Melissa Walsh
Project Coordinator and Field Manager,
Q-Think Research, Inc.

What a "knockout" facility!! We're all "ringing your bell" for many more successful years. You are a "champ" hostess and my sincere thanks for everything!!

Merle Holman (and Robin, too!)
Group Dynamics in Focus, Inc.

The client service provided by the staff at the Midtown location was superb. It went beyond "Southern Hospitality" – they were thoughtful, always pleasant, and really seemed to understand what a traveling moderator and her clients need. Whenever we asked a question, they always took the time to find the answer or fulfill the request. There was no passing the buck with this staff! They genuinely seemed to love their jobs.

Also, the facility is very nice. The small relaxation rooms are perfect for taking a few moments to collect one's thoughts. I appreciate the care with which the owners took to create these spaces. And, how the wonderful staff even brought me my dinner to the little room!

I travel to facilities all over the US and Jackson Associates Midtown is among the best.

Adela Pedroza
Lexicon Branding

As a field manager, I choose facilities based on their ability to get the job completed accurately and efficiently, without a lot of fuss. Jackson Associates has a staff of talented individuals that work diligently to recruit the right respondents, project managers that send accurate daily reports without being pestered to do so, and a professional and knowledgeable facility staff to take care of my clients needs when they arrive. In my opinion, Jackson Associates is the "full package" - excellent recruiting, excellent staff and an excellent facility space.

Tiffany Hays
Greenfield Consulting Group

"The team at Jackson is wonderful. They are so easy to work with and have become our 'go-to' agency for most of our research/recruit needs."

Valee Gallant
Marketing Communications Manager
Beauty & Style G.B.U - Newell Rubbermaid