About Us: Testimonials

The service I ‎receive at Jackson Associates Midtown needs to be communicated and recognized.

I've been moderating at facilities for over 10 years. Being a moderator is very grueling from the travel, to the client demands, to the long hours of interviewing, to the last minute and continual changes of the stimuli being tested. And it is becoming increasingly challenging as clients budgets shrink and Moderators are asked to increase or guarantee the number of respondents, conduct interviews in less time and turn around reports immediately.

It is because of this "do more with less" culture that I always remember and truly value excellent service.

Rachel is CAN DO! Robert and Lillie greeted me immediately and with warmth and friendliness. I felt like the only moderator at the facility. They are always smiling, always willing... This was my first experience with Linda and I was completely relieved to find her equally accommodating, available, service-oriented and even taking initiative - anticipating my needs...

My favorite decision that Jackson Associates Midtown has made is to have the QA be with you the entire time. The WHOLE time. This is a tremendous benefit. A moderator only has one block of time (when they arrive)‎ to get to know and work with the QA. Keeping the same person allows for ease, flow, and a true partnership.

True partnership – that is why I choose Jackson Associates!

Gwyn Bartschat

I wish I could have had you in the room after the last group to hear the clients clapping in appreciation that it all went well. And it really did go really, really well. Great room set up, great food, super helpful staff, fantastic respondents with such clever ideas, great show rates - with every single group starting exactly on time. Honestly, it couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Please accept and pass on my heartfelt appreciation for all that you did - that everyone did - to make this a success. The client only sees me in the room but of course I know I can't do what I do without the legions of people behind me.

Anne Schuster
ASK Research

Thanks so much for everything. I'm not quite sure I have ever had a test that ran so smoothly - everything just seemed to jibe. Plus the fact that we were treated like royalty while at the facility. Your crew was great - everything was executed flawlessly.

Sheri Forzley
Food Marketing Systems Group

We were totally impressed with the facility overall – the rooms were very nice, the staff running it and helping out were wonderful, the food was good - like someone's grandmother homemade it. We would definitely come back!

Dana T.
Research Manager

Two wonderful sister facilities in Atlanta,
One in Midtown, answering, at last, the prayers of so many clients,
Warm and welcoming facility personnel,
Readily accessible recruiting supervisors and staff,
And the real secret to their success...
Endless optimism and energy; never daunted by a challenging project.
One cannot ask for more!

Sandra Wasserstrom
Senior Field Coordinator, GfK Healthcare