Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We want you to be comfortable viewing our web site and providing information to us.

What we do

Jackson Associates is in the business of data collection for the purpose of tailoring marketing and advertising to better serve consumer needs. We maintain a database of respondent information in order to more efficiently locate and screen potential participants for marketing research studies. While we screen, recruit and host the marketing research studies, it is our clients who determine the nature of the study, as well as the criteria required for participation.

Information gathering and security

Registration for our database is voluntary. Complete only the information that you are comfortable sharing.

Note: Basic demographic information (sex, age, race, income, education) remains key to the marketing research process, and contact lists are generated from our database based on a study's screening criteria.When a particular piece of information is missing from a respondent record that file is simply excluded from a particular list.

Profile information will be updated via online surveys. Your information is handled with the utmost respect to privacy. Records are managed by a limited number of specialized personnel. Most records remain electronic, and paper records remain in a secure filing system during and after the processing phase. We never sell or exchange respondent information.

Electronic database call lists contain abbreviated information specific to the query. These lists reside in our call center until a study's conclusion; then they are returned to Data Processing for profile editing and deletion.

Only authorized personnel are permitted to access customer information. In addition, all Jackson Associates employees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding the protection of information provided by clients and survey respondents.


Jackson Associates occasionally recruits children for marketing research studies. We comply with federal and state laws regarding child safety and privacy protection.

Information shared with clients

Jackson Associates limits the personal information that it shares with clients to that which is essential for a particular study. Unless necessary for pre-study assignments or post-study validation, last names, phone numbers and addresses are not shared with clients.

Any personal information, such as name, address and phone number that is privately or publicly disclosed in a focus group or personal interview to any research representative outside this organization is provided on a voluntary basis and is not regulated by this privacy policy.

Studies are audio- and videotaped for marketing research purposes.You will sign a Jackson Associates disclosure agreement upon arrival to a study.


All Jackson Associates guests and visitors are subject to show a valid photo ID upon arrival to a study location. Unless required for a study, it is not necessary for us to retain a copy of the identification.

Data Security

Jackson Associates maintains a secure in-house server where your electronic data is stored. Backup tapes of our network data are stored on-site in a secure location with restricted access.

Phone conversations

Survey screening and interviewing calls may be monitored for training and for quality assurance purposes.

Website / Internet Security

  • Site traffic monitoring

    Jackson Associates does not currently collect anonymous information about visits to our website. We currently obtain general website traffic reports from Google Analytics. The information is used for website enhancement and improvement.

  • Cookies

    We do not currently employ the use of cookies to monitor and store information about your computer usage and navigation of our site. Should we elect to use cookies in the future, this policy will be updated accordingly.

  • Email Links

    Jackson Associates uses email links throughout its website so that you can contact us with your questions or concerns. We read each message and provide prompt responses when appropriate. Your email comments may be saved and used for web site improvement and training purposes.

  • Our "Contact Us" Page

    Jackson Associates offers its interested business clients a way to get in touch with us or a way to gather additional information. We allow for this through our Contact Us section of the website. Information collected through this avenue is used solely to answer questions or to make business contact with the individual or company wishing for the contact.

  • Links to other web sites

    Our website may list links to other websites not owned or operated by Jackson Associates. Please keep in mind that those web sites may operate under different policies regarding collection of personal information and privacy. Jackson Associates encourages all Internet users to regularly check website privacy policies for all web sites that they visit.

Policy changes / updates

Our privacy policy may require periodic updates. The date of revision will appear on the bottom of the current privacy policy. We encourage our web site users to visit our privacy policy web page on a frequent basis in order to remain aware of revisions.

Policy Administrator

Jackson Associates has a Privacy Policy Administrator whose responsibility includes continually assessing the privacy policy needs of the public and the organization. This administrator maintains the privacy policy on our web sites and is responsible for the prompt reply to inquiries of any kind regarding the privacy policy. For questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please email our Privacy Administrator at


Revised January 31, 2013