Jackson Associates offers a complete range of telephone interviewing and recruiting services. Our computerized Call Center is staffed with experienced, full-time interviewers and agents who are extensively trained and tested for proficiency. Because executive and medical recruiting and interviewing require skills specific to those projects, we have a separate training program for those agents that is even more intense. Before any of our agents is allowed to interview, they must attend classes in interviewing and probing and clarifying.


More Than You Expect

  • Extensive database with more than 100,000 names.
  • Database continually maintained and expanded.
  • Extensive training program including proficiency tests.
  • Separate Quality Assurance department for monitoring, training, and coaching.
  • Onsite continual monitoring and remote monitoring available to clients.
  • Supervisory staff with over 50 years cumulative experience in marketing research.
  • We never advertise on our website or use social media sites or Craig's list for recruiting.


Study Design

At Jackson we do one thing, and we do better than anyone else in Atlanta; we find the right people for our clients.

We understand the importance of "the spirit of the recruit" and because of our training and quality assurance program, we are able to comfortably employ a myriad of creative methods to find the "perfect respondent".

Our methods include emails, web surveys, bulletin boards and postings, so we can contact respondents many different ways. We can reach out to them initially at their convenience, but insist on live, verbal screening to determine final qualification.

And, at Jackson Associates, we use only the finest research partners to accomplish our clients' tasks. Together, we work to ensure your research is comprehensive and strategic and that the insights gained offer you and your clients the answers you need.