• For years, I relied on Jackson Associates for my recruiting and research facility needs, and they have always come through! When I need quote, Melisa Gipson always gets back to me the same day! As my work primarily focuses on usability testing of medical devices, my requests for study participants are often detailed and complex. Yet, Jackson has been able to successfully obtain even the most hard-to-get participants.

    The Jackson team is such a pleasure to work with, from first contact to study completion, and the longevity of so many—including Marcus, Kelly, and George—means that I am sure to see a familiar and friendly face when I am working with Jackson. And when I need two markets, they coordinate everything between their Atlanta and LA locations, both of which are first-class facilities with professional and friendly staff.

    Carol Barnum
    Director, User Research
    UX Firm

  • Thank You!
    Incredible recruit, a seamless experience and happy clients. Genuinely grateful. A huge success for us. Will be back soon!

    Jeff Freedman

  • Kelly was our PM and she was exceptional. Lilly was on top of everything on site! Respondents were on time, highly engaged an so articulate. Great experience and we look forward to being back soon.

    Jess Moyer
    Good Run Research

  • Jackson Associates - Perimeter goes above and beyond and is a trusted partner for all my project needs. They executed another successful project with brilliant recruits and exceptional insights. Bravo JA!

    Deb de Prendergrast
    7th Sense

  • SUBWAY used the redesigned Jackson Associates Atlanta facility for a major iterative research test last September. It was a sizeable risk to use a new research supplier for a very high profile project.

    The Jackson team, led by Marisa Pope executed the test flawlessly...

    • Excellent communication prior to the test to clearly understand the methodology and unique needs that SUBWAY had for equipment, research-staffing, and observation room requirements. Additionally, Jackson deftly "co-coordinated" unique tablet and computer networking requirements with another research supplier.
    • During the fielding, Jackson understood the project clearly and met challenging timing needs in acquiring competitive products according to a very tight schedule.
    • During the fielding, all kitchen equipment, video equipment, special computer equipment and internal staffing needs ran without fault.
    • During the fielding, Jackson cordially made their clients comfortable without being intrusive (like a good waiter that you don't notice!) Ad hoc project needs, plus taking orders and delivering a brief dinner break were very appreciated!

    Overall, the quality of data was excellent, which couldn't have happened without excellent execution from Jackson Associates.

    Nicholas Hauptfeld
    Senior Manager, New Product Research

  • Your crew did an outstanding job.

    They were hospitable from beginning to end, and delightful to work with.

    Thomas Roth
    Community Marketing

  • Another stellar evening at Jackson Associates Perimeter!

    Your recruiting is the best, and I always say that is the most important factor for successful groups. If you don't have the right people in the room, you don't get the answers you need.

    The fact that you have wonderful, attentive, professional staff, a beautiful facility, and great service just makes it even better.

    Debra Semans
    Marketing Research and Content Marketing

  • The service I receive at Jackson Associates Midtown needs to be communicated and recognized.

    I've been moderating at facilities for over 10 years. Being a moderator is very grueling from the travel, to the client demands, to the long hours of interviewing, to the last minute and continual changes of the stimuli being tested. And it is becoming increasingly challenging as clients budgets shrink and Moderators are asked to increase or guarantee the number of respondents, conduct interviews in less time and turn around reports immediately.

    It is because of this "do more with less" culture that I always remember and truly value excellent service.

    Rachel is CAN DO! Robert and Lillie greeted me immediately and with warmth and friendliness. I felt like the only moderator at the facility. They are always smiling, always willing... This was my first experience with Linda and I was completely relieved to find her equally accommodating, available, service-oriented and even taking initiative - anticipating my needs...

    My favorite decision that Jackson Associates Midtown has made is to have the QA be with you the entire time. The WHOLE time. This is a tremendous benefit. A moderator only has one block of time (when they arrive)‎to get to know and work with the QA. Keeping the same person allows for ease, flow, and a true partnership.

    True partnership - that is why I choose Jackson Associates!

    Gwyn Bartschat

  • I wish I could have had you in the room after the last group to hear the clients clapping in appreciation that it all went well. And it really did go really, really well. Great room set up, great food, super helpful staff, fantastic respondents with such clever ideas, great show rates - with every single group starting exactly on time. Honestly, it couldn't have gone more smoothly.

    Please accept and pass on my heartfelt appreciation for all that you did - that everyone did - to make this a success. The client only sees me in the room but of course I know I can't do what I do without the legions of people behind me.

    Anne Schuster
    ASK Research

  • Thanks so much for everything. I'm not quite sure I have ever had a test that ran so smoothly - everything just seemed to jibe. Plus the fact that we were treated like royalty while at the facility. Your crew was great - everything was executed flawlessly.

    Sheri Forzley
    Food Marketing Systems Group

  • We were totally impressed with the facility overall - the rooms were very nice, the staff running it and helping out were wonderful, the food was good - like someone's grandmother homemade it. We would definitely come back!

    Dana T.
    Research Manager

  • Two wonderful sister facilities in Atlanta,
    One in Midtown, answering, at last, the prayers of so many clients,
    Warm and welcoming facility personnel,
    Readily accessible recruiting supervisors and staff,
    And the real secret to their success...
    Endless optimism and energy; never daunted by a challenging project.
    One cannot ask for more!

    Sandra Wasserstrom
    Senior Field Coordinator, GfK Healthcare

  • Your facility is, of course, excellent, and the recruiters have done a good job. Of special note has been Robert, who has been assisting us this week at the Midtown site. He has simply been excellent in all ways in supporting us. We do this quite often and I'd say he is among the top level in that type of support. He meets your line of "a cut above the rest."

    David McCammon
    President, PEGUS Research

  • Life on the road is hard enough. I have to say, of all the facilities we use, I think you realize that the most. You should offer training courses on how to run facilities and customer service.

    Beth Carey

  • People here are FABULOUS! This is absolutely my preferred facility in Atlanta. It's high-tech, clean, comfortable, with plenty of space, food and drink.

    Jennifer Tallarigo
    MarketVision Research

  • I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I am so very happy to be working with Kelly! She is such a great project director and I really, truly enjoy working with her on our projects. I love that I never have to worry - I always know everything is taken care of when she's in charge of my project.

    Melissa Walsh
    Project Coordinator and Field Manager,
    Q-Think Research, Inc.

  • What a "knockout" facility!! We're all "ringing your bell" for many more successful years. You are a "champ" hostess and my sincere thanks for everything!!

    Merle Holman (and Robin, too!)
    Group Dynamics in Focus, Inc.

  • The client service provided by the staff at the Midtown location was superb. It went beyond "Southern Hospitality" - they were thoughtful, always pleasant, and really seemed to understand what a traveling moderator and her clients need. Whenever we asked a question, they always took the time to find the answer or fulfill the request. There was no passing the buck with this staff! They genuinely seemed to love their jobs.

    Also, the facility is very nice. The small relaxation rooms are perfect for taking a few moments to collect one's thoughts. I appreciate the care with which the owners took to create these spaces. And, how the wonderful staff even brought me my dinner to the little room!

    I travel to facilities all over the US and Jackson Associates Midtown is among the best.

    Adela Pedroza
    Lexicon Branding

  • As a field manager, I choose facilities based on their ability to get the job completed accurately and efficiently, without a lot of fuss. Jackson Associates has a staff of talented individuals that work diligently to recruit the right respondents, project managers that send accurate daily reports without being pestered to do so, and a professional and knowledgeable facility staff to take care of my clients needs when they arrive. In my opinion, Jackson Associates is the "full package" - excellent recruiting, excellent staff and an excellent facility space.

    Tiffany Hays
    Greenfield Consulting Group

  • "The team at Jackson is wonderful. They are so easy to work with and have become our 'go-to' agency for most of our research/recruit needs."

    Valee Gallant
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Beauty & Style G.B.U - Newell Rubbermaid

  • We have found that the service, quality and commitment to customer satisfaction are always excellent at Jackson Associates. They are always our first choice of focus group facilities when we conduct groups in the Atlanta market.

    Chris Curtright
    Director of Marketing Research

  • Jackson Associates has raised the bar for me for excellence in a research facility. When I want a perfect recruit - and mine are sometimes so very difficult - and perfect service, this is the place I go. The words "No, we can't" don't seem to be in their collective vocabulary. They try and usually succeed beautifully - and always with a smile: their warmth is always so welcoming to a weary traveler. I consider it to be one of the very top stops world-wide!

    Ellen Karp
    Anerca International Inc.

  • It's been great working with you again. Special thanks to Virginia, Kate, and others who helped with all our last minute requests. Jackson is our favorite in Atlanta.

    Stacia Tipton
    Widmeyer Associates

  • The front desk personnel are very attentive to to every detail and the hostess assigned to our group was very accessible and responsive to every need.

    Rick Niklautsch
    Data Medics

  • Queen was very helpful, professional, and friendly. Really appreciated her efforts with reminder calls. My clients asked me if all the facilities were this nice. I said, I wish!

    Craig Poeter

  • Really enjoyed working with you guys, you did a great job with a difficult recruit and lots of changes!

    Jess Wehner
    Ipsos Understanding Unlimited

  • We are always excited when we have an assignment in Atlanta because we get to work with Jackson Associates!

    Jill Arthur
    R.F. Caffrey & Associates, Inc.



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